the organizing process

how we do what we do

We will do an onsite consultation to determine how a space is used, what items are stored, who uses the space, and get a feel for the overall design and aesthetics. We will also take photos and measurements. This allows us to execute an organizational system tailored to fit your unique space.

no. 1 plan

We will take all of the information that we gathered at the consultation and order product that fits your space, your items and your needs. We will prep materials needed for the project, including label tape, bin clips, cord wraps, cleaning supplies, and other organizational products to support your project.

no. 2 design

Time to edit. We will guide you through the process of letting go of things that you don’t love or are not useful to you. Remember, less is always more. We start by removing every single item from the space and sorting into categories. We will then bring you in to the process to go through everything together and determine what will be tossed, what will be donated, what belongs elsewhere, and what is being kept.

no. 3 refine

Now the fun part! We will work with everything that is left and create a new system that is not only beautiful, but also functional, maintainable and tailor to and your daily life. This is when we utilize the product we have purchased and add labels.

no. 4 refresh